Communicating While Wearing a Face Mask

Hearing loss doesn't only affect your ability to hear, but your ability to effectively communicate. On its own, hearing loss can make communication more difficult because certain words and syllables in a conversation may be hard to hear. Today, with the mandate of wearing a face mask when in public areas or when interacting with other people, can make communicating a challenge for those with hearing loss.

For those with hearing loss, a face mask can make communicating difficult by blocking the view of the mouth which can prohibit them from reading lips. Face masks also tend to muffle sound, making it even harder to hear what is being said. Although face masks are necessary for our health and safety, they can add barriers to those with hearing loss.

To improve your communication, try these tips the next time you speak to someone wearing a face mask.

Tips for Communicating with a Face Mask

Eliminate background noise. If you are speaking to someone who is wearing a face mask, try to have your conversation in a quiet location. Eliminating background noise will make it easier to hear what the other person is saying and will decrease any distractions.

Maintain eye contact. Although you may not be able to see all of the speaker's facial movements and expressions, you can still read someone's eyes and pick up on what they are saying. This is a subtle way to better understand the conversation and forces you to give the speaker all of your attention.

Use a speech detection app. There are many speech detection apps available today that can be downloaded onto your smartphone. Simply hold your phone up towards the speaker, and the app will transcribe the conversation in text on your phone screen. If you are having a difficult time hearing the speaker this will help you to catch anything you think you may have missed.

Wear your hearing aids. Be sure to wear your hearing aids. Today's hearing aids can filter through background noise and pick up on certain syllables and words that hearing loss makes harder to hear.

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103 Suburban Rd, Suite 101-D
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169 Westmoreland Street
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4010 Fountain Valley Dr
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