Child getting ears cleaned with peroxide

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe to Put In Your Ears?

A buildup of earwax, while common, can become incredibly uncomfortable and can even impact your ability to hear. In your search to find relief for discomfort from full ears, you’ll likely come across a variety of recommendations, including hydrogen peroxide.

The use of hydrogen peroxide to unclog your ears may seem like a good alternative to cotton swabs (which we do not recommend using), but is it a safe remedy? Here are a few things to consider before putting hydrogen peroxide in your ears:

  1. Quantity MattersWhile you can use hydrogen peroxide as a method of loosening earwax, it can become harmful if you use too much of it at a time. Even if you’re using a hydrogen peroxide solution deemed safe for the skin, using more than 10 drops in your ear at a time can put you at risk for damage.
  2. High Concentrations are More DangerousNot all hydrogen peroxide solutions are created equal. Hydrogen peroxide may be available to buy in different concentrations, and concentrations above 10% can potentially lead to burns in your ear.
  3. Safety Risks of Hydrogen PeroxideEven while keeping in mind the quantity and concentration of hydrogen peroxide, it can still pose a risk of causing damage to your ear. The negative effects of using hydrogen peroxide for clogged ears can include inflammation and earaches. If you do use too much, or you attempt this remedy too often, you can develop blisters and skin irritation.
  4. Safer Remedies ExistThe safest method of treating ear fullness and conductive hearing loss (hearing loss due to a blockage in your ear), is by visiting a certified hearing specialist. If you are experiencing these issues, let us know so we can perform an ear exam. After that, we can use our specialized tools to remove any earwax buildup safely and effectively. Another option that’s safer than using hydrogen peroxide or cotton swabs, is using over-the-counter ear drops to break up the wax.

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